Innovative technology is always the best choice for organizations to increase the compatibility and flexibility of system expansion. In addition to both cost optimization and being able to use the best technology on the market, the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) service is a reasonable choice.

For a sustainable foundation, we have chosen cloud technology from VMware’s products (in particular, vCloud Director), and take advantage of the advantages that technology brings, we will focus on administrative services, the operation that I will bring to customers.

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Design

In general, the total service solution can be designed as follows:

virtual private cloud
General illustration of the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) solution

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Resources & Traffic Flow

Here is an illustration of the resources and traffic flow for a basic Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) infrastructure from our services:

Traffic Virtual Private Cloud
Traffic Virtual Private Cloud


There are three main groups of traffic flows from outside the Internet to the infrastructure:

  1. Traffic from users at the office will be through site-to-site VPN from SD-WAN devices in the office to SD-WAN devices located at the data center.
  2. Traffic from users, remote admins, partners,… will be through the client to site VPN.

On the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) infrastructure, we will provide solutions and services to ensure continuity, security, and professional operation.

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