VMware Cloud on AWS gets more power with the latest Intel processor| EC2 I3en.metal

vmware cloud on aws

AWS and Intel have a long history of developing custom cloud solutions, including Amazon EC2 instances (especially VMware Cloud on AWS) powered by Intel processor technologies. AWS’s recent release of new bare metal instances powered by Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors represents the latest chapter in this history of the two companies working together to empower customers to move faster and adopt next-generation technologies. Beneficiaries of […]

Differences Between VMware VCloud And Openstack

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The question now is not whether to use cloud computing for your organization’s infrastructure needs, but rather which providers and services will best meet your needs. Cloud computing helps companies not pay initial infrastructure costs and allows organizations to focus on core business activities instead of spending time and money on IT infrastructure. Companies can […]

Everything To Know About VMware Virtualization Technology!


What is virtualization? A technology that allows running multiple OS simultaneously on 1 computer. Sharing the same hardware resources and being managed by the virtualization layer (Hypervisor). What is VMware vSphere? – Is a product set of VMware, used to serve the needs of system virtualization. Components and functions of vSphere. – With VMware vSphere, […]