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Our products help you easily secure your cloud resources within private, isolated networks (tenants) and can implement or integrate different products, such as Backup as a Service, Firewall as a Service, etc.
hybrid cloud

Virtual Private Cloud

A Virtual Private Cloud is ideal for companies seeking high levels of security, privacy and control, such as healthcare and financial organizations dealing with regulatory compliance or even, running mission-critical applications. 



Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is a logically isolated network for cloud resources. VPC gives you more control over how your resources communicate, with isolation reminiscent of what you might achieve running systems on premises.



Easily create multiple VPCs through our developer-friendly dashboard (vCloud Director v10+). We automatically repair OS images and network and firewall default policies for your demands of cloud resources deployment.



You can design the cloud architecture that best serves your company’s needs. For example, you can set up your VPC for contractors to use individual direct connections that aren’t routed through your internal network.


Industry-leading price-performance

We made some comparison tests between our solutions with some of competitors. Here are the results:

Request per second
Cloud Space vs others 30%
Price / Performance
Cloud Space vs others 35%
Average response time
Cloud Space vs others 42%
Hardware utilization
Cloud Space vs others 51%
Thread count
Cloud Space vs others 45%

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