VPCs are a “best of both worlds” approach to cloud computing. They give customers many of the advantages of private clouds, while leveraging public cloud resources and savings.
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Virtual Private Cloud

Agility: Control the size of your virtual network and deploy cloud resources whenever your business needs them. You can scale these resources dynamically and in real-time.

Availability: Redundant resources and highly fault-tolerant availability zone architectures mean your applications and workloads are highly available.

Security: Because the VPC is a logically isolated network, your data and applications won’t share space or mix with those of the cloud provider’s other customers. You have full control over how resources and workloads are accessed, and by whom.

Affordability: VPC customers can take advantage of the public cloud’s cost-effectiveness, such as saving on hardware costs, labor times, and other resources.

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Backup as a Service

All data protection and disaster recovery tasks targeted at the cloud repository are performed by tenants on their own.

Tenants can set up necessary jobs themselves and perform tasks on dedicated backup servers deployed on their side. Tenants can perform the following operations:

Back up virtual and physical machines to the cloud repository

Copy backup files to the cloud repository

Restore data from the cloud repository

Perform file copy operations between the tenant side and the cloud repository (Manual operations only. Scheduled file copy jobs are not supported.)

Firewall as a Service

Automated Security Blueprint for public and private cloud environments.

Advanced Threat Protection for network data plane: NGFW / Application and Data Security / Advanced Threat Prevention / Forensic Analysis.

Visibility into cloud network, assets, and configurations, and continuous compliance enforcement.

Robust Identity Protection blocks account takeovers on SaaS apps and protects privileged accounts from causing catastrophe on public clouds.

AI-Powered Phishing Protection blocks sophisticated phishing attacks on O365 and Gmail.

Instant Visibility into misconfigurations.

Actionable Threat Intelligence protects against intrusions

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