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What is Cloud Space ?

Cloud Space Technology Solutions Co. Ltd (Cloud Space VN) is a newly established company but we are a collection of outstanding individuals in the industry. After finding a common voice and direction, we gathered to create Cloud Space VN, where our solutions provide the values that businesses need.

How is Cloud Space different from other Provider?

At Cloud Space, our experts understand what are the main root causes for enterprises to adopt the digital transformation or the cloud adoption era. Therefore, we are preparing practical solutions for different demands that can well-adapted, easily to implement or integrate with third-party partners with the best price/performance  (P/P) and price/quality of support (P/QS).
Moreover, we have close relationships with many different solution providers and brands, giving us a lot of experience in implementing, operating and consulting our customers.

What does Cloud Space offer?

Our solutions include Cloud-based Solutions, Open Source Solutions, Customer Support System, and Digital Office Solutions.
Moreover, we always offer our Advisory service and Managed Services to our solutions. Our Proposal for VPC Managed Services: https://direct.cloudspace.vn/managed-services

What is vCloud Director?

VMware vCloud Director is VMware’s flagship cloud services platform for Cloud Providers. It is a pervasive cloud infrastructure control plane for cloud providers’ service delivery needs, and the management entity for a global VMware cloud estate. vCloud Director is used by some of the world’s most popular cloud providers to operate and manage successful cloud-service businesses.
vCloud Director allows seamless provisioning and consumption of cloud computing resources and services to geographically distributed lines of business and IT teams in an API-driven approach. It helps cloud providers derive maximum efficiency from their cloud infrastructure and enables the creation and provisioning of differentiated and value-added cloud services. vCloud Director is available globally through the VMware Cloud Provider Program.

What is the biggest difference between Cloud Server service and Virtual Private Cloud service?

When using VPC, the centralized customer at the network level, creates / configures the virtual server itself in an isolated resource package instead of registering / administering separate virtual servers.

Is there a limit to the number of VMs created in the Virtual Private Cloud package?

There is no limit to the number of customers, but customers need to note the amount of CPU / RAM / Storage computing resources to build the appropriate virtual machines (VMs).

The most appropriate customer group to use the Virtual Private Cloud service?

Virtual Private Cloud is designed for large and medium-sized corporate customers with higher demands on resource usage optimization, database configuration customization, private network layer building, and internet connection for Specialized applications.

Managing your dashboard

Take a look at our documentation:
1. User Guide for vCloud Director Tenant Portal: https://direct.cloudspace.vn/vcloud-usage
2. User Guide for vFW and vLB Services: https://direct.cloudspace.vn/edge-usage

Other resources

Take a look at our presentation: https://direct.cloudspace.vn/presentation-pptx
Checkpoint NGTP & NGTX product information: https://direct.cloudspace.vn/ngtp-checkpoint
Big IP Platform product information: https://direct.cloudspace.vn/big-ip-f5
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