Why Hybrid Cloud brings the advantages and benefits in 2020

hybrid cloud

Hybrid Cloud operates in a cloud computing environment including on-premises, Private Cloud, and Public Cloud infrastructure. By establishing links, connections, and data exchange between these two platforms (Private Cloud and Public Cloud), Hybrid Cloud meets the needs of computing resources, security, and operating costs. flexible way, helping businesses easily operate and deploy with more choices. […]

How Technology Architecture Can Help You Grow Revenue (2020 VMware Blog Post)

cloud architecture helps

How do top-performing organizations grow revenue two times faster than the rest? The secret lies with successful technology adoption, and it all starts with the foundational architecture – as this great piece of research from Accenture demonstrates. In research called Full Value. Full Stop.: How to scale innovation and achieve full value with Future Systems highlights […]

Here is what you need to focus on cloud computing infrastructure in 2020

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Cloud computing opens a new era for database infrastructure, reducing dependency, increasing integration, more flexibility in deployment, and cost-effectiveness. Expanding the system is many times simpler than traditional, increasing the pluses of using the cloud, which also reduces the load on the operating team, helping them to be more proactive in focusing on perfecting the […]

Vultr VPS and its advantages compared to other providers in 2020


VPS Vultr is currently a foreign VPS service receiving a lot of attention from customers in Vietnam thanks to the benefits it brings. In the article below, we will learn more about this supplier and its advantages. About Vultr Vultr was launched as a low-cost VPS Server and Cloud Server service provider of Choopa (USA) […]

The reason Hostinger achieves extremely good business results in 2020


Hostinger is one of the providers of hosting services, domain names, … If you do not know much about Hostinger, do not worry too much, this article Cloud Space will introduce you to them more carefully. Who are they? Hostinger is one of the companies specializing in providing Web hosting services and Domain Names in […]

Overview of Cloud Space’s virtual private cloud solutions

virtual private cloud

Innovative technology is always the best choice for organizations to increase the compatibility and flexibility of system expansion. In addition to both cost optimization and being able to use the best technology on the market, the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) service is a reasonable choice. For a sustainable foundation, we have chosen cloud technology from […]

Technology defined: DR as a Service (DRaaS) vs Disaster Recovery (DR)

dr as a service

Losing business-critical data can cost companies millions of dollars and force some companies to go out of business, which is why having a solid disaster recovery plan (DRaaS or Traditional DR) in place is critical to your business. IT decision-makers are left with a complex quandary: do you create your own in house solutions or […]

Why DR as a Service maintains the position as one of the compulsory services

dr-as-a-service availability

Power outages, network problems, human failures and natural disasters can all contribute to system downtime, which is why Disaster Recovery as a service was born and always maintained its position in the group of compulsory services for companies with high data growth scale. What is Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS / DR as a […]

Backup as a Service and its great benefits

backup as a service architecture

Data backup is extremely important for businesses. Secure backup of data, or backup solutions. When there is a problem with the Website system will help minimize damage to the business. Backup as a Service – a data security service is commonly used and brings a lot of efficiency to businesses. Why do businesses need Backup […]