5 popular Public Cloud use cases

public cloud use case

When cloud computing technology first appeared, many users were hesitant about storing their sensitive corporate information on the Cloud. Many of these concerns are related to Public Cloud infrastructure, but as the platforms have improved, most of these concerns also gradually disappear. This article will discuss public cloud use cases for customers to understand how […]

The application of Cloud GPU explode from 2020


With the explosion of technology in the 21st century, applications increasingly require the ultra-high computation capacity of computer systems. The Cloud GPU provides parallel computing capabilities to help scientists and engineers handle complex calculations in their applications on the Cloud. Cloud Space cooperates with multiple partners to provide Cloud GPU services to customers with the […]

Easy steps to use Jitsi Meet, an open-source Zoom alternative (October 2020)


I think we are all sick of Zoom.  Maybe it’s the privacy issues, the security issues, or just the whole misrepresenting its encryption thing. Regardless of the specific reason, you know that there has to be a better video-conferencing tool out there, and you’re determined to find it. Meet Jitsi Meet.  Much like Zoom, the free and open-source video-chat tool […]

The comparison of Virtual Private Cloud vs Public Cloud in 2020

public cloud vs private cloud

Cloud Computing Services are quickly making their way within organizations by virtue of their advantages such as scalability, instant provisioning, utility model, etc. More than that Cloud computing has the ability to accommodate the varying nature of businesses through its different deployment models i.e Public, Private, and Hybrid. With Cloud Space’s article today, we will […]

Understanding the Public Cloud and its 04 basic features

public cloud

In the earlier articles, Cloud Space mentioned to you what is the virtual private cloud and how it compares with a dedicated private cloud or traditional private cloud. In this article, we will explain the definition of the public cloud and its benefits. When we talk about the public cloud, what does it refer to? […]

Why is G Suite the perfect solution for businesses in 2020?

G Suite

As a suite of cloud applications and collaboration software tools and software provided by Google, G Suite (Currently changed to Google Workspace) has been preferred by many businesses of various sizes for its flexibility, optimization, and cost. Currently, more than 5 million customers are using this service within the Enterprise. Delivers the best collaboration and […]

Why Spot Instances can save you money on AWS from 2020?

Spot Instances

Spot instances are an excellent way to reduce your EC2 cost by up to 90% significantly. Increasing numbers of companies, from SMBs to enterprises, have been leveraging spot instances for even mission-critical and production workloads. This has helped them greatly optimize their cloud costs. Read on to find out how you too can benefit from […]

Public Cloud technology comparison between AWS and AZURE and GOOGLE (2020 update)

cloud technology comparison

The top three cloud providers are AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, each with their own strengths and weaknesses that make them ideal for each use. Let’s make a comparison between them with Cloud Space in this article. The brief The competition for a leader in public cloud computing is a fierce 3D race: AWS […]

Detailed setup Cloudflare CDN for WordPress Blog (2020 Tutorial)


Using a Content Delivery Network is one of the best ways to reduce WordPress page loading time. There are numerous options to choose from, but Cloudflare stands out among the rest because of its exceptional service. What’s great, you can use it for free! Keep scrolling to learn how to set up Cloudflare on a Web Hosting. What […]

What Is Cloudflare and How Does it work? 2020 Explanation


Three things are crucial when you’re hosting business online: Having a fast site Staying safe from attackers Scaling up along with your traffic Cloudflare can help with all three. But what exactly is Cloudflare and how can a CDN help speed, security, and scalability? What is Cloudflare? At the core, Cloudflare is a Content Delivery Network […]