On-premises system offsite backup with Veeam and AWS

aws backup veeam

Currently, there are many businesses that are using Veeam Backup & Replication to back up data on their server systems. However, the cost of investing and maintaining that hardware for the task of storing backups is enormous. Therefore, businesses are gradually shifting through cloud storage services as an optimal solution, while ensuring data availability (with offsite backups), while saving investment costs […]

Set up periodically back up files to Amazon S3 from Windows folder

auto backup to s3 windows Set up periodically back up files to Amazon S3 from Windows folder

In the past few years, data backup products have continuously developed many advanced features to serve the enterprise audience. In addition to backup features for data objects such as files, virtual machines, and databases, features such as anti-ransomware, backup old data to storage platforms on the cloud are also introduced. However, for a lot of […]

Babelfish for PostgreSQL – The big turning point of the database in 2020


On December 1, in a series of events re:Invent 2020, Amazon Web Services announced that it will make open-source for “Babelfish for PostgreSQL” open source in Q1 2021 under Apache License 2.0. In his introductory speech on Babelfish to PostgreSQL, Andy Jassy, CEO of Amazon Web Services, also bluntly stated AWS’s intentions: “Stop paying unnecessary license […]

High Availability architecture on AWS for enterprises – Topic 1: Compute, Database, and Storage

High Availability

When deciding on system architecture for an enterprise, there are many factors to consider, such as performance, scalability, availability, reliability, cost, and operation. In particular, ensuring high availability for the system must always be focused on interruption or inactivity) to ensure business continuity. This is always shown with the businesses’ architectures, as every minute lost in […]

VMware Cloud on AWS gets more power with the latest Intel processor| EC2 I3en.metal

vmware cloud on aws

AWS and Intel have a long history of developing custom cloud solutions, including Amazon EC2 instances (especially VMware Cloud on AWS) powered by Intel processor technologies. AWS’s recent release of new bare metal instances powered by Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors represents the latest chapter in this history of the two companies working together to empower customers to move faster and adopt next-generation technologies. Beneficiaries of […]

10 Undeniable Benefits of Cloud Managed Services Providers (MSP)

cloud space managed services

Your business runs on information. Without comprehensive cloud management, your business is susceptible to security threats, data loss, and costly downtime. Whether you have a multi-tenant or hybrid cloud environment, cloud managed services providers possess extensive cloud knowledge to support your environment, fill in management gaps, and provide cloud compliance services. What Is Cloud Managed Services? Managed […]

AWS: The detailed guide to Amazon Web Services you need – Part 2

AWS categories

In part 01, we introduced you to very detailed about the AWS services. Amazon takes it very seriously when talking about cloud computing and services. They build multiple services across nearly all of the IT fields. Therefore, in part 02, Cloud Space will show you the categories of Amazon Web Services (AWS). Amazon Web Services […]

AWS: The detailed guide to Amazon Web Services you need – Part 1

Top AWS services

In the current age of cloud computing, there is now a multitude of mature services available — offering security, scalability, and reliability for many business computing needs. What was once a colossal undertaking to build a data center, install server racks, and design storage arrays has given way to an entire marketplace of services that are always just […]

Amazing launching of new AWS GPU-Equipped EC2 P4 Instances in Machine Learning & HPC

ec2 p4 instances

The Amazon EC2 team has been providing our customers with GPU-equipped instances for nearly a decade. The first-generation Cluster GPU instances were launched in late 2010, followed by the G2 (2013), P2 (2016), P3 (2017), G3 (2017), P3dn (2018), and G4 (2019) instances. Each successive generation incorporates increasingly-capable GPUs, along with enough CPU power, memory, and network bandwidth to allow the GPUs to be used to their utmost. Now, […]